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Chester Zoo
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Upton by Chester
Upton by Chester

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Overall the zoo is very accessable and my friend and I enjoyed our visit very much.

I visited here on Wednesday 20th July as i had treated a friend of mine also with disabilities to a voucher for her birthday, when we arrived we found there was ample disabled parking and there was quite a queue of people despite the fact it was 15 minutes before the zoo opened. When we got to the kiosk to pay we were shocked to find that the rules for disabled entrance had changed, and that all carer's must now pay the concessionary rate which is £15.50 the same as the price a disabled person would pay instead of getting in for free, as had previously been the case there. I have to take two carer's due to my personal needs so therefore the price of entry should have been £46.50 for the three of us (not including my friend who was another £15.50) However the person on kiosk seemed unable to calculate the correct charge, so one of my carer's whether by accident or by luck did not get charged an entry fee, so i kept quiet meaning that the toal charge for the day for me and one carer was £31 i was able to fund this but some may not be so lucky so may be worth checking the prices before you decide to visit. Most of the exhibits were accessible, however some of the outside exhibits had quite high walls so some wheelchair users might find things difficult to see, but there is also and indoor area to most exhibits which is more visible and accessible. And even though i had some problems i was still able to make the most out of the day, however it was quite busy when i went as it was the last week of the school term so the zoo was full of school trips which meant occasionally i found it difficult to get close enough to exhibits to see, but on a quite day this wouldn't be an issue at all. The zoo itself id perfectly accessible but there are lots of changes in the types of terrain used and occasionally it was quite hilly, my friend self prepalls in a manual chair and occasionally needed assistance on the steep bits, she would also normally walk but felt that she would tire quickly so took her wheelchair to use for resting purposes. However she reported at the end of the visit that she was glad for her wheelchair as she felt she would not have coped walking, however this largely depends on the abilities of the people involved and i would say the zoo is probably accessible to most. We took a picnic lunch as it is cheaper but there are plenty of cafes and takeaway restaurant type things if you prefer to eat there, but they mainly serve snack type stuff such as ice-cream and hot dogs. There are also absolutely loads of disabled toilet facilities, but although the ones i used were accessible with two carer's they were both on the small side and there weren't any hoist provided. The only thing i saw that wasn't at all accessible was the coffee shop outside the Jaguar exhibit but i did not find this a problem, as there are plenty that are accessible. I find the butterfly house really relaxing it may be good for people suffering from anxiety or related conditions, however i would not advise those that are visually impaired or have a severe startle reflex to try the bat cave, it has very low lighting and the bats have a habit of flying in front of you suddenly. I forgot to mention that the bats fly loose but the cave is manned by keepers all the time so it is perfectly safe! But unfortunately for obvious reasons they can not change the lighting levels in there as this harms the bats, which then defeats the object of the exhibit. The butterflies are also flying loose but are allot more slow moving and you can see everything, so this may be the better option for some. The only other problem i came up against was that the door in to the aquarium was rather narrow and at first i was unsure whether i would fit through it with my power chair, i just about managed it though so those with chairs that are on the large side may struggle. Aside from the very high entry fees and the few little bits i have mentioned it was a very good day, there is plenty to do for all ages and my friend and i had a great time she says it was the best birthday present ever. NB- Since writing this a friend tipped me off that there is in fact a changing places toilet at the zoo which includes a hoist and changing facilities, however i was totally unaware of this and was not informed on arrival that the toilet even exsisted never mind where it was and how to access it i was a little annoyed about this as if i had recieved this information prior to visiting i could have avoided taking two carers which would have been cheaper so it maybe worth enquiring about facilities before visiting.For obvious reasons i did not use the faciliy so cannot comment on its access but according to the website it complies with changing places regulations. But again i was not informed about these apart from by my friend.

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