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scotia road
Stoke on Trent

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01782 233500
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Very enjoyable half a day could have done with more info and support and info from staff .

I visited here on Saturday 23rd July, i decided to try it out since i experience allot of anxiety due to my condition and thought it might help me relax. The cost of it is £20 an hour if you wish to hire it privately or £4.25 an hour if you don't mind sharing with others. There are apparently some vouchers available at the moment which allow you to have an initial session for free, but they are only available to those in Stoke and are quite difficult to get hold of. I was lucky enough to be with a friend who has been involved in the design of the room so we were able to blag a free session using a voucher. When i arrived the staff were very friendly and opened the facility for me as it is kept locked due to the expensive equipment in their. However i did have to ring up beforehand to find out if there were any sessions free, as i am an adult and children take priority so i was lucky that one was available. My friend was informed that staff are suppose to be trained in how to use the equipment in their and should be able to give you a quick training course before you use the room, however the women who spoke to us didn't really seem to know much and just told us that we could press the buttons on the wall to operate the machines and both were numbered according to what corresponded to what. She didn't explain it very well and didn't really demonstrate how the equipment worked, but i was lucky enough that my friend knew allot about it anyway but i would advise people to make sure equipment is demonstrated first, especially if you are unclear on how to use it. There are many pieces of equipment in there including; bubble tubes, fiberotics, different lights incorporated into the ceiling which can be turned on and off depending on what you prefer, sound boards and projector type things that project nice images on to the walls. There is also a c.d player which you can use to play music while you are in the room, however i had to call staff back to unlock the room which was contained and wouldn't have known it was there unless my friend hadn't already been aware of it. The room in which the c.d player was was also a store room for allsorts of other things which can be used in the room such a u.v objects and puppets etc. But again i was not informed about these apart from by my friend. You can use the room in many different ways either as a relaxing environment or if there are kids involved, they may wish to use the more noisy aspects. I used the lights and the ceiling, the fiborotics and bubble tubes to create a more relaxing environment, and found it very pleasant. However i will say that as someone with physical disabilities i found some of the equipment very hard to operate myself as the buttons were hard to push etc. But my friend pointed out that some people with sensory impairment can be more heavy handed, especially those with autism etc. But those with conditions such as cerebal palsy have difficulties with motor control so its hard to get a balance here. There is a mobile hoist available for those who have difficulty transferring from wheelchairs to the different areas in the room, most of which are at floor level. I found this very easy to use but again could have done with a little bit more instruction. Be aware that the hand controls of the hoist are not detachable form the frame which makes transferring a little more difficult for some. There are also bean bags ands cushions etc. For those who have difficulty maintaining the correct position on the floor, which are also very comfortable and relaxing and can be played with too. Next door to the sensory room there is a toilet with a built in hoist ands changing bed facilities, although i didn't use the toilet on this occasion my friend tried to demonstrate the hoisting facility but we found it didn't work. Since i had no need to use it i did not pursue it further but would be interested to know if anyway one else has problems. I think it is a great room and that the high prices are to be expected and are perfectly acceptable considering the amount of equipment that's in their and what it is worth, and would definitely go back and at least pay the £4.25 price. Although it is a room designed for those with special needs i would recommend it to anyone especially those with children under the age of five, it could possibly be used as an alternative to j j's in macclesfield for those from Stoke and the Moorlands who prefer not to drive so far.


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